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✝ Movie Night – “God’s Not Dead”  

If you missed seeing this movie in theaters this spring, you have another chance to see it. We will be showing “God’s Not Dead” here at the church on Friday, July 18, at 7 PM. Mark this date  on your calendar and bring your friends and family to see a really great movie. The message of this movie is contemporary and, yet, for all time: “Christians need to have a firm foundation and be prepared to stand for their faith.”

Gods Not Dead banner

✝ Revival Is Coming!

We want everyone to be aware of our plans for Revival this summer. More information will be provided as the time draws near, but be sure to reserve August 15–17, and plan to attend this great  event. Pastor Doug Alberts (a former pastor at Glenn Dale) will be will be preaching. In addition to great preaching, special music, and times for food and fellowship are also planned.

✝ Member Need 

 One of our members needs to change her residence and will not be able to take her beloved American Eskimo dog. We are trying to help her find a good home for her pet. See Diane Lewis for more information or call the church office..

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